* Do they know the real value of your customers? Do they know how much effort, time and money

   were invested to enable these customers to transact with your business?

* Do they know how to create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere that will encourage customers to

   spend to their full potential and to come back for more?

* How much money is left on the table, unspent, because of indifferent, uncaring attitudes? Many

   customers leave a business transaction with unspent money in their pockets.

* Does your staff know the important role they need to play during the buying process and how to

   assist customers effectively and professionally?

The majority of businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water or can do much better. Small ones are suffering the most with almost no growth in sales.

Times are tough and no business can afford to lose a single customer. Surprisingly though, one find that mediocre service is still the order of the day. Businesses delivering mediocre service will lose between 10 and 20% of their precious customers every year and thousands of rands will need to be spent on advertising to make up for this loss.



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