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u Learn the TRUE value of a Customer


u Learn why it is important to transform all your Customers into 'Clients'

u Learn why it is important that you know what the likes and dislikes of your Customers are

u Learn the difference between a 'satisfied' Customer and a 'loyal' one

u Learn what the 'Total Customer Experience' is

u Learn the importance of caring for your Customers as a 'TEAM'


u Equip yourself with knowledge and skills that will let you stand out as a business, employee or candidate

u Learn about the positive impact that customer care knowledge and skills can have on your career

u Learn about the employment opportunities that opens up for candidates knowledgeable in customer care


u Learn the secrets why businesses (and employees) practicing quality customer care are so SUCCESSFUL!


Less than 10% of the population knows what outstanding customer service

 is and can deliver it on the day they are hired.

The best companies know there aren't enough of the best people out there, so they hire good people with the potential to deliver exceptional service; then, through an awareness campaign, in training that starts on day one, and attention every day thereafter, the best companies turn those good people into the best.

Secret Service - John R. Dijulius


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