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"What is worse than training your people and losing them?

Not training them and keeping them."

- John C Maxwell


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"I really enjoyed the training and already can't wait to serve the customers

 with the knowledge I have now."


"Being in customer service industry for a long time time doesn't mean you know it all,

knowledge is power - well done VPAGES."


It was fun. :-)


"I really liked the presentation and think that it was extremely efficient. I did a customer

 service training course before and I think you've covered more in your 6 hrs than they

 did in the week I was there. Thanx."


"I was happy I got the training, even phoned my boss to thank him. Yet going to buy him a

bunch of roses. Thanx so much, I'd love to do this again."


"Did not realise internal customers were so important. Just thought we all did a job.

Case studies very interesting in hearing the different kind of solutions and understanding

of how each would handle a specific situation."


"Even if one has done something for many years, there is always something

or a lot one can learn. I did!"


"It is nice to go to workshops like these even if you do know what to do for a company,

just to refresh your memory and give you a few tips on how to improve on your customer care."


"It was a great experience and I would like to learn more.

I would definitely see customers in a different way, and will try to treat them politely."


"This was very useful. Everybody in a company should attend. I think it was excellent."


"It was a great experience. Now I know more about customer service."


"Really enjoyed it. Well-done!"


"Slides assembling and transition great and appealing.

Video presentations extremely helpful and relevant."


"Found workshop very interesting and informative."


 "I will be able to apply everything I learnt in my shop.

It was worthwhile and I feel better and have a more positive attitude towards my customers."


"Excellent programme and a strong builder for improving any business."


"Thank you for going the extra mile for our small team and for spending your Saturday afternoon with us.

It was greatly appreciated and very beneficial."


"Excellent time spent."


"Well presented."


"It is wonderful to take time out and to be taught more specifically about how the basic small things is overlooked and also what a major difference they make in today's business society.

Thank you so much. It's been a blast!"


"A well organised session that made me aware of the finer bits of customer care.

A good "sharpening of skills."


"What I have learnt here today will also help me in everyday life.

The training has given me a valuable tool to be of better service to our clients."


Can You Start Tomorrow


A true story from a single-mother with no work ...

Three weeks after a single mother from Zimbabwe attended a VPAGES Customer Care Workshop at Stellenbosch our office received a Thank You Card from her with the following message:



Thank you very much for the training.

My certificate helped me to get a nice job.




On further enquiry she told the following story:

I was without work and was going around to all the shops in my area to enquire about any possible vacancies. On one such visit I went to a popular local supermarket. The manager told me that there were no vacancies but that he would contact me if any positions opened up. Before leaving I asked him if I could leave my two-page CV with him for his records. After taking the CV from me he looked at the second page, which was a copy of my VPAGES Training Certificate, and asked me if I really attended the course. I confirmed that I did, after which he responded:

Can you start tomorrow?

She accepted and worked in the bakery section of the supermarket for more than a year!


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If business would respond to the customers they already have

rather than being concerned about responding to the threat of losing them,

they should substantially improve both their revenues and their bottom-lines.

Fabled Service - Betsy Sanders


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