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u The Value of Training

u The Customer

What is a Customer; Internal & External Customers; Customers vs. Clients; The most important person in a business; The most valuable asset in a business;

u The Right Attitude

Positive Attitudes; Impressions; Image & Grooming; Body Language; Voice; Level of Energy; Integrity;

u The Needs of Customers

The Golden Rule; In your Customer's Shoes; Basic Customer needs;

Skilful listening; Anticipate your customer's needs; Learn your customer's preferences; Customer feedback; Employees in the know;

Knowing and selling the uniqueness of your company (Unique Selling Proposition)

u What turns Customers Off

More than twenty different points are discussed that turns customers off;

u Customer retention and Loyalty

The importance of repeat business; Characteristics of a loyal Customer; The Big Picture; The Lifetime-Value of a Customer; Loyalty vs. Satisfaction; Price is not everything; The Total Customer Experience; Economics of Loyalty; Why customers don't return; Effective complaint handling; How to deal with upset customers; That One Extra Step;

u Ten Best Kept Secrets of Customer Care

u The VPAGES Big Five



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