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1. Which workshops are currently on offer?

We are currently only running the Customer Care Workshop - Module 1 because of it's great demand and popularity. Other Modules are available which covers topics on Professionalism and Office Etiquette but are not on offer currently.

VPAGES is planning a Customer Care Module 2 as a follow-up on the Module 1 Workshop, but that will only come into operation towards the end of 2012.

2. Who will benefit most from this training?

Surveys done at our Workshops indicated that less than 5% of employees, new and long-serving including members of all levels of management, have done any training specifically on customer care. At one such training session members of staff who have been serving customers face-to-face, on a daily basis for periods ranging between 7 and 15 years, has never done any specific training in customer care.

This is very alarming if one takes into account how service-conscious consumers have become these days. Ignorance of your customers' needs and expectations can result in loss of business which may be very difficult and costly to win back.

It is not always realised, but the person who benefits most from proper, professional customer care, is the person delivering the service. Customers show their appreciation when treated well and their positive feedback acts as a tremendous motivator to the staff member.

The importance of serving with the right attitude is dealt with in depth as well as the importance of teamwork. More than 60% of customers lost are because of a negative attitude experience.

A company's image is only as strong as its weakest employee. What is absolutely vital is the total or overall experience of the customer. Many companies mainly focus their customer care training on their front line staff which is a big mistake. The car guard in the parking lot is just as important as the person keeping the restrooms clean, the one unpacking the merchandise and the salesperson manning the showroom.

This Workshop is suitable for students and new-starters with no experience in serving customers as well as experienced staff members, managers and owners of businesses.

The training is interactive, practical and enjoyable and feedback from delegates proves that it addresses a much needed need among employees. It also acts as a powerful motivator and energizer to encourage delegates to go back into their place of work and deliver only the best service possible - to both internal and external customers.

3. What about further training after doing this Workshop?

If delegates remember and apply what they were taught during this Workshop they will be in the top performing 20% of employees serving customers in the market place. Unless your job is directly related to your company's customer support department, further formal training should not be necessary.


What we strongly recommend is for delegates to start reading good books on customer care. There are excellent books available at good bookstores and websites like Amazon.com. Companies should build up their own in-house libraries of customer care related books and encourage employees (even make it compulsory) to read them. Herewith a list of good customer care books. Click here ...


Meetings specifically dealing with customer care issues should be held regularly (weekly) and staff members should be encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions on how customer care could be improved using the knowledge gained at the Workshop as guideline.



If customers are truly the reason you are in business, the people who take care of those customers are your most significant concern.

Fabled Service - Betsy Sanders


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