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Workshop duration time:

All workshops: 09h00 - 16h00 (opening at 8h30)


R 500.00 all inclusive (No VAT applicable)



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For areas outside the Cape Peninsula

Training Workshops are available for clients outside the Cape Peninsula including all nine provinces of South Africa.

Quotations available on request.









IMMEDIATE Return On Investment

Hidden Customer Potential

Our customers have a lot more potential than what we realise. With mediocre service the order of the day, any increase in service levels will be noticed with almost immediate positive results. Our customers have a lot more buying potential if we can win their trust and loyalty. Loyal customers are known for their resistance to support competitors, for buying more and also buying more often. Loyal customers have no problem in recommending your company to friends and family, making it possible for us to benefit from their loyalty even if we don't do business with them personally.

The importance of training

To earn our customer's loyalty we need to show them that we genuinely care about them and that we appreciate their business. It is therefore important that personnel should know how their positive or negative attitudes can affect customers. Research showed that 68% of customers who are not doing business with a particular company anymore are doing it because of a negative attitude experience. There was nothing wrong with the price, product or premises but doing business with these companies was not an emotionally pleasant experience.

Also, personnel should know what the things are that are important to customers. A friendly welcome, prompt service, clean premises, a pleasant ambiance and shopping environment, etc. etc. They should also continuously be on the lookout for ways to exceed customer's expectations (even better: to surprise them with their excellent service!). In other words, give them something to talk about later on. It is also vital for personnel to know what the things are that turns customers off and to avoid these things at all cost.

Personnel should also be aware of the positive financial implications for the business when delivering quality customer care and ultimately the positive financial implications it will have for them as employees.

To change attitudes and to improve levels of customer care - that is what training can do for you!

Return On Investment

The feedback we get from clients are that they see immediate positive results in the performance of their employees and the way customer's are treated. What is also encouraging is the positive feedback we receive from staff after the training of how they can see how the training would be of benefit to them and their companies in future.

Up to date, less than 5% of delegates indicated that they have received any form of training in customer care during their active employment years. This includes delegates who have been serving customers, face to face, on a daily basis for 15 years and longer! You may have employees in your employment who fit this picture and who may be yearning for training in how to deliver quality customer care.

Your staff will surely benefit from our training, your customers will definitely love it and your bottom line WILL show it - GUARANTEED!



   No more holding people hostage through 30-second commercials.

   No more over-the-top marketing hype.

   No more ignorant customers

   No more local monopolies.

   No more search costs.

   No more 'Get in your car and come to us'.

 If you've been paying attention and you're in business, you're sweating by now. If you're not, you should be.

So how are you going to survive in the new economy?

Well, ultimately in the same way that you survive in the old - through relentless innovation, unparalleled service, and an attitude of genuine helpfulness.

But you'll have to deliver it in new ways.

You're going to have to offer products and services with real performance advantages, and we'll demand flawless service. We'll have to be given information that we need to make the best possible buying decision in a form that is usable, entertaining and fun.

I was your Customer! - Peter Cheales









Many of our clients have used this Customer Care Training Workshop as a team-building and morale-boosting event for their staff - to great success! You can do the same for your organisation, business or department.


The following rates are applicable for week days as well as Saturdays...

The minimum rate for an In-House Training Event is R 4,000 for 1 - 10 delegates (each additional delegate is charged at R 250.) No VAT applicable.

What is included:

Course Notes (electronic), Certificates and equipment (projectors, flip charts and screens (if required).

What is excluded:

Catering (drinks and lunch), travelling and accommodation costs for areas outside the Cape Peninsula


Give us a call today to book your Event and let your business reap the rewards - GUARANTEED!


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We are offering a really special rate to all Students and Job-Seekers to make it as easy as possible for you to attend our Public Workshops because we know how much the knowledge gained will mean to your future careers. Also, to have a VPAGES Customer Care Training Certificate form part of your résumé will certainly draw some special attention to your job application and bound to impress any interviewer favourably.

A true story: Can You Start Tomorrow?

R350.00 per delegate

(Please note that there will only be a limited amount of seats available at Workshops

 for Students and Job-Seekers. Please register early and avoid disappointment.)


The real price tag in all businesses is the

 terrible cost of losing a customer.

A serious commitment to the customer's definition of service

doesn't cost you anything, relative to the increase in revenues

 such a commitment ensures.


Fabled Service - Betsy Sanders


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